The Rector's Forum

Each Sunday morning from 9.45 to 10.30, a group of Clementines meet for what has now become commonly referred to as the "Rector's Forum." What started early in Fr. Alton's rectorate as an adult study class based on exegetical examination of that Sunday's Gospel lesson quickly morphed into something else entirely; a discussion and interdisciplinary study group with a focus on history, philosophy, exegesis, ecclesiology, moral theology, patristics, contemporary philosophy, critical theory, and the lives of the Saints. The format allows for the rich varieties of experiences and people at S. Clement's to share their thoughts and grow together in faith and understanding.

Discussion is centered around a text chosen by the Rector. Recent texts have included a speech by Bishop North regarding catholic evangelism, the Prayers of the People composed by the Mother Abbess of the Benedictine Abbey Regine Laudes in Connecticut, several sermons by members of the Oxford Movement,  "The Jesuit's Guide to Almost Everything" by Fr. James Martin, S.J, the 14th chapter of "The City of God" by S. Agustine of Hippo, and an essay on the cultural and (ontological) implications of Plain Chant.