Serving at the Altar


Serving at Saint Clement's

Vital to life at S. Clement's is the dedicated and well trained corps of servers which allows for the variety of services which occur each week. The Solemn Mass generally requires 6-12 servers on any given Sunday, and each daily mass, evensong, Sunday Vespers, Benediction, and Vigil Mass require their own severs, trained, and willing to offer up their time in the worship and adoration of Our Lord. Attempting to match the high quality of artistic and musical craftsmanship, servers go about their work with a prayerful and exacting dedication, adhering to the tradional western ceremonial as described by authors such as O'Connell and Fortesque. 


Guild of Saint Vincent

The Order of St. Vincent can be traced back to 1877, when the first local Guild of S. Vincent was formed at S. Clement’s Church, "where the acolytes joined together in prayer, study, and training as a part of their service at God’s altar". Though the Order now spans the globe, the S. Vincent's Guild at S. Clement's continues to bind servers together along the same lines as the original guild with the aims increasing prayerfulness and careful attention to the liturgy.

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